Chapter 3/10 The path of the rookie

They arrive at Brol village not much after sunset. The gatekeeper sees them from far away and opens the gate for them, so they don’t even need to slow down. The village is peaceful at this time of the day, the two venators see no one the streets as they ride towards the village leader’s house. Wymond’s expression shows, that he knows exactly where they need to go. After two minutes ride in the village, they glance a big, two story building at the north side of the village. A long minute later, they arrive to that building. They don’t hesitate much as they hop off their horses almost as soon as they stop. Wymond goes to the door and as he raises his hand to knock, the door opens wide. A fairly young lady stands at the door, she wears a fine, yet very simple dress with long, loose blonde hair and a pretty face with a sign of relief on it.

Oooh we were waiting for you so much! Erm… pardon me… I’m Anna the village leader.” she says smiling.

Well, hi Anna I’m Felix and we’re the venators you were waiting for.” Felix says with a cheeky smile.

Please pardon my rookie partner’s intrusion. My name is Wymond and I was sent here to investigate the missing people in your village.” Wymond introduces himself to the lady. “But also I need to send an urgent message to the Venator’s keep. Could you show us to our accommodations please? Then we will come back and question you about the disappearances.” he asks the lady kindly, yet there’s a bit of urgency in his voice.

Of course. I’ll send someone for your horses, they’ll be taken to the stables if you wish so.” says Anna.

Wymond nods “Thank you

Thank you very much Anna” says Felix with that strange cheekiness in his voice.

Anna forces a smile towards Felix and then says “Come on in then, you will stay in this house. There is a room upstairs for you.” she finishes, and as she finishes those words a huge grin forms on Felix’s face.

Cut it, or I’ll cut it off” Wymond whispers to Felix as they are getting their bags from their horses, then they follow Anna into the house. “Show some respect boy.” he adds on the way.