Chapter 2/13 The path of the boy

Drustan snaps out of his daydreaming again as he sees something lying on the ground in front of him at the side of the path. He hops off from the saddle and after a brief observation picks up the object. It looks like a piece of metal in a pentagonal shape with grayish blue, metallic color. It’s half the size of his palm and also it has something inscribed on it, in an unknown language to him. “Hmmm… what can this be? Very finely crafted, feels much lighter than its size suggests.” Drustan speculates. After some consideration he shrugs his shoulders, drops the object into his pouch and gets back on his horse. Before he can return to his “memoir” Drustan realizes that night will fall soon, so he needs to find a place to sleep. While he was thinking about his past, he rode a considerable distance, though he knows, that he still needs at least one more day to reach the bottom of the mountain, so he decides not to ride at night. Not much later he finds the perfect place between two huge boulders just a few steps away from the mountain path. He stops his horse, unpacks his sleeping pillow, which is a curled up leather blanket, and lies down on the rocks. As Drustan touches the surface of the boulder he feels the pleasant heat it collected through the day from the scorching sun, so he doesn’t feel the urge to set up a campfire. Stuffed with curiosity and excitement, he takes the metal object he had found before out from his pouch. He thoroughly examines it, trying to find out what the peculiar object might be. After minutes of examination, he remains completely clueless, so he decides; it may be time to rest. He stands back up, walks to his horse and takes a carrot out from the horse-pouch “This will do it for dinner, you stuffed yourself in the morning anyways…” he says to his horse in a half serious manner, then he gives the carrot to his horse. For himself, he gets out some dried meat and other vegetables from the same pouch. After the nomadic dinner he lies down satisfied on his makeshift bedroll and falls asleep, as the sun goes down.